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Discover Ba Na Hills of Da Nang City one day

Discover Ba Na Hills of Da Nang City one day

Vietnam is such a beautiful country, full of tourist attractions that every traveler from all walks of life do not want to miss. The moment you started planning to visit Vietnam, you will surely list down all the places that you want to visit. It could be in the North, in the central or in the South of Vietnam. If only you have ample time to spend, you will surely want to explore all of them.

ba na hill

One of the most visited spots in Vietnam is Da Nang City. There are many different tourist attractions in Da Nang City, but if you have a day to tour the place, you will have to choose one among those beautiful spots. The Ba Na Hills on the Truong Son Mountain must be your top most choice. Why will you choose the Ba Na Hills? It is enough reason to say that this place is perfect for a tourist, especially those who are traveling with their friends, family or loved ones.

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You will surely enjoy the scenery in the Ba Na Hills, especially if you can discover the deepest beauty of nature given to the Ba Na Hills. You will surely have a day to remember and a precious experience to keep for the rest of your life.

Danang Bana hill tour

If you are thinking about climbing the mountain, your day will not be enough to reach the top of the Ba Na Hills. Cable cars are available, anyway, so there will be no worry about how you are going to arrive there. Before you reach the top of the Ba Na Hills, you have to go to Suoi Mo station and jump on the cable car. With the cable cars, you will feel relaxed. All you have to do is take your seat and enjoy the view. Your tour guide will be there to accompany you whole day, so keep yourself busy embracing the freshness of the air and looking at the green and clean environment.

On your way to the top, you have to take a break and witness the beauty of the Le Jardin. Here you will see the most beautiful garden full of flowers. You may also try the wines available in the place. You can also get a chance to see the remains of French Villas and a gigantic Buddha at 27m high in Linh Ung Pagoda.

Before you reach the top of the Ba Na Hills, you have to go to the next station and jump on a cable car at Gare Debay. Upon arrival on the top of the Ba Na Hills, you can have some fun and entertainment at the Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park.

Bana Hill map

You have to arrive at the Peak of the Chua Mountain in the afternoon. This is 1,487m high. You may enjoy and feel the wonder of nature at the Peak of the Chua Mountain. After some time, you have to leave the place and move to the station of the cable car, passing the Suspension Bridge.

That’s the end of your tour in the Ba Na Hills. One great day on the most beautiful wonder of nature’s creation.