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10 cannot-miss tourist attractions for traveling to Australia

10 cannot-miss tourist attractions for traveling to Australia

There are a lot of interesting things to discover and experience for tourists visiting Australia such as discovering the lifestyles of aborigines on the island, relaxing on the beach in the sunlight of the sunset or experiencing the night life of the city and much more.
Located in the middle of Pacific and Indian Ocean, Australia is the world’s largest island country and also the smallest continent.

Below is the suggestion of 10 attractive tourist sites in Australia:



Adelaide is a center of the south of Australia. It is the third largest city of the country with the population of more than 1.2 million people. Over ¾ population in the south of Australia are living in Adelaide. The city is on a plain between Adelaide Hill and St. Vincent Bay, surrounded by the famous wine hill in Australia. With the long standing history, this place has many churches and building built according to the colonial architecture style.


Located along the coastline of the Northern Territory, Darwin has traded with almost the big cities of the country and other nations in Indian Ocean. Despite being destructed heavily under the World War II, Darwin residents were always resilient to fight against the enemies to protect their beloved hometown. Currently, the city becomes one of the most attractive tourism spots in Australia.



Hobart is the city on Tasmania Island with the second long standing history, just after Sydney. With the population of about 250.000 people, Hobart is a small but friendlier city than others in Australia. The city has many construction works according to Georgia and Victoria architecture styles such as Salamanca Place. In which, there was an area for whaling in 1830.


Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland State with the population of approximately 2 million people, making it the third largest city in Australia, after Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane has the warm climate all year around with the beautiful landscapes and hospitable locals. Therefore, this is the most fast-moving city in Australia.


With the location along the coastline of the southwest in Australia, Perth is the fourth largest city and also the center of the Western Australia. In spite of the thousands years of history, Perth with 2 million inhabitants is now very modern, lively and friendly.



Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria State. The population in Melbourne is the second largest all over the country. Located on Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is the port city and regarded as the cultural center of the nation. The city is famous for shopping, restaurants and sports so it can be said Melbourne is the ideal destination for those who are seeking for experiences of the civilized lifestyle


With the tropical climate and the position near Great Barrier Coral reefs, Cairns is one of the most well-known resort stop in Australia. In the corner of the Northwest of Australia, Cairns just have 150.000 residents with the typical features such as many wild animals in the suburban areas. If tourists choose to visit this city, it will be a wonderful experience for adventure trip.


Alice Springs

Alice Springs has a lot of cliffs and caves with the immense dessert landscape. It also has the aborigines living in the remote areas. It is the ancient land of Australia, especially, remote area Red Centre which has the interesting sites for adventure travels such as Uluru / Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta (Olgas) and Kings Canyon

Great Barrier Reef

One of the top tourism destinations for the explorers and divers is Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral reef in the world. Its location is in the Coral Sea, outside Queensland State. The coral reef consists of more than 2.900 coral species from hundreds of islands. Here, there are millions of microorganisms living about millions of years ago
Great Barrier Reef has the world’s most diverse ecosystems. Thus, it is a tourist attraction for those who want to discover Australia



Located on the coastline of the southeast of Australia, Sydney is the center of New South Wales State. It is a modern city with the long standing history and splendid landscapes. The port area has inhabitants living thousands of years ago. In 1780, the criminals were sent to this city in Australia
Nowadays, Sydney is the top tourist destination of the county and famous for Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House which are both symbolic to the city

In conclusion, you should take a visit to Australia to experience and discover the tourist sites of the country and get more memories.