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Discover Ba Na Hills of Da Nang City one day

Posted by on Jun 21, 2017 in Attractions | 0 comments

Vietnam is such a beautiful country, full of tourist attractions that every traveler from all walks of life do not want to miss. The moment you started planning to visit Vietnam, you will surely list down all the places that you want to visit. It could be in the North, in the central or in the South of Vietnam. If only you have ample time to spend, you will surely want to explore all of them.

ba na hill

One of the most visited spots in Vietnam is Da Nang City. There are many different tourist attractions in Da Nang City, but if you have a day to tour the place, you will have to choose one among those beautiful spots. The Ba Na Hills on the Truong Son Mountain must be your top most choice. Why will you choose the Ba Na Hills? It is enough reason to say that this place is perfect for a tourist, especially those who are traveling with their friends, family or loved ones.

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You will surely enjoy the scenery in the Ba Na Hills, especially if you can discover the deepest beauty of nature given to the Ba Na Hills. You will surely have a day to remember and a precious experience to keep for the rest of your life.

Danang Bana hill tour

If you are thinking about climbing the mountain, your day will not be enough to reach the top of the Ba Na Hills. Cable cars are available, anyway, so there will be no worry about how you are going to arrive there. Before you reach the top of the Ba Na Hills, you have to go to Suoi Mo station and jump on the cable car. With the cable cars, you will feel relaxed. All you have to do is take your seat and enjoy the view. Your tour guide will be there to accompany you whole day, so keep yourself busy embracing the freshness of the air and looking at the green and clean environment.

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A wonderful day trip to Bavi

Posted by on Jun 18, 2017 in Travel Blog | 0 comments

Last week, I just had a wonderful visit to Bavi with my friends so now I’d like to share our experiences and travel guide to anyone who is about to go there.

Preparing for a safe adventure, you need a manual motorbike or semi-automatic one for your travel adventure. (From Hanoi, you can come visit James Hanoi Motorbike to have a look their wide range of motorbikes from manual, semi to automatic bikes. They specialize in providing motorbike rentals or sales) You should bring your necessary things such as a thin jacket upon arrival in the Upper temple (located on the top of the Bavi mountain, at an altitude of more than 1200 m, the temperature will decrease drastically).

In addition, you remember to buy anti-allergy medicine or mosquito repellents because we go into the forest, there are so many insects and mosquitoes as well. This is a must have thing, and don’t forget to fill with gas for your bike before traveling.

Our adventure started at 6:00 am, the sky was very clear and loved the atmosphere and the air in early morning. I rode along with Thang Long freeway by the West direction. For backpackers departing from Hanoi Old Quarter, this is the best way to get to Ba Vi mountain because Thang Long freeway is very wide and clean. At the end of this freeway, you turn right and then ride pass Son Tay center town ( intersection of 105 hospital) and turn left and pass Xuan Khanh village and keep going ahead until reach Ba Vi National Park sign and then go into and purchase tickets. It costs one dollar. Unlike Cuc Phuong national park, we are allowed to drive into the Bavi park, what a great experience.


Using a manual bike or semi-automatic on the sloping or winding road is suitable

My arrival at 7:30am, the weather was very perfect. Entering the national park, you could easily admire the stunning scenery while driving a manual bike while. Along with the road to the Temple, we have a break spot where you can stop for awhile and take pictures. Upon arrival in the temple, you have to park your bike at the foot of the temple and then you hike a bit to visit Uncle Ho temple and Upper Temple. This adventure sounds a bit exhausted for girls but I think any backpackers, you guys are still able to make it.

According to our itineraries, initially, we hiked to Uncle Ho temple and then went ahead Upper temple that is dedicated Mountain God. Here, the scenery was very beautiful, you get to capture a lots of nice photos. Below was a white color of the clouds mixed with the green of the mountains, and the winding river of Ha Giang creates a charming painting. It totally took 2 hours for hiking.


Here we sampled a lot of tasty food such as Wild pork, birds and frogs

After a hike, while we’re riding down to the foot of the mountain, we felt tired and hungry so we decided to stop at one restaurant to enjoy their specialties here to add more energy to keep the rest of travel. We got to the main road and looked for a restaurant and we saw one with a sign sounds very rustic “Palm leaf” restaurant. No doubt, we got into this restaurant and enjoy food here. This was a very large space closed to nature. Fortunately, as a amateur photographer like me, I still got to capture a lot of nice natural photos. One of the things i like the most was a orchid garden and the food here were very fantastic and they seemed to be planted here by themselves. We also were recommended their menu with their specialties and reasonable prices.

After lunch at “Palm leave” restaurant, we continued our adventures at 2pm and the next visit was the Thien Son natural reserve. In fact, there are many other destinations left such as waterfall of love; skyland cave; Ao vua stream. But our opinions, Thien son natural reserve was the most beautiful, here you get to take great pictures of nature.
In addition, you can enjoy the cold water at the waterfall of Heaven gate that pours white water above. What the magnificent scenery.


Our travel ended at 3:30pm by snack food at a restaurant at Thien Son natural reserve. And 2 hour on the way back to Hanoi left us a regrettable feeling. Definitely we come back to Bavi mountain soon to leave behind the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. Hopefully the information above bring you useful tips

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